Client Testimonials

I love what I do and am so honored to get to help other business owners work toward their dreams. Here's what a few of them have to say about working with me.

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Jonelle led us through a significant project of strategic rebranding and web redesign over the course of several months. As a growing organization, we found the need to really communicate our values and identity through our visual look and Jonelle caught our tone very quickly, even given my fumbling attempts to talk through what I felt I wanted. Though I am no branding expert myself, Jonelle was able to communicate so clearly throughout the process and educate me on the why behind each decision we were making that I felt extremely comfortable at each step. We have received a great deal of positive feedback on our new brand. Jonelle also redesigned our website with an eye for not just visual appeal but also a strategic look at our copy and the entire flow of the website to best let others know about what we are doing. I am pleased to say, that following Jonelle’s redesign, we get twice as many inquiries for hiring our services. What were once window shoppers were pulled in by her work to want to actually work with us. Thank you Jonelle!
— Tim Glemkowski, Founder, L’Alto Catholic Institute
I’ve worked with Jonelle on several projects and, each time, the process has been so smooth. She asks the right questions, quickly gets a sense of what’s needed, and consistently produces amazing work. I look forward to working with her on future projects!
— Diana Reiter, Fundraising and Development Director, MCPL
Jonelle has been incredibly helpful to us in building and branding our business. She really took the time to understand our needs and our vision, and make sure every detail was in place.
— Alison Lebien, Living Balance Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Because of her attention to detail and ability to design excellent creative works on a range of projects, Jonelle has become a trusted first-call for our graphic design and branding needs. Working alongside Jonelle feels more like working with a member of your team than with a free-lancer, all while remaining on-time and on-budget.
— Jeff Short, Principal, Overflow Story Lab
Jonelle did a fantastic job creating our band’s new website. She was very responsive and easy to work with. I really appreciated her input on the design, and we are extremely happy with the end product. Well done! Jonelle gets our highest possible recommendation.
— Ryan Day, Owner/Manager, Six Million Dollar Enterprises, LLC
I’ve really enjoyed working with Jonelle. She’s always been able to listen to our ideas and then quickly turn them into a high-quality final product that is consistent with our message and brand. She takes average content and makes it great.
— Zach Arend, VP of Sales, Engaged Companies
Jonelle is a joy to work with! She took such good care with me and my somewhat unique branding needs, and was both detailed and enthusiastic throughout the process. Highly recommend!
— Alyssa Hollingsworth, Author
Working with Jonelle was a turning point for my career as a musician. From the first introductory phone call with her to the very last email I received with my final branding files attached, she not only helped me craft a unique brand, but helped me clarify both my vision and mission for my company. Through challenging questions & thought provoking conversations, to a “deep-dive” look into who I am and what it is I want to communicate to my audience, Jonelle showed an incredible level of interest in not just the project at hand, but my career as a whole. Jonelle took my unorganized, scattered thoughts and ideas and turned them into fonts, social media icons, and logos that clearly represent me, my mission, and my music. She did not just help me “re-brand”, rather, she helped me solidify my identity as a professional. I cannot recommend Jonelle enough.
— Connor Flanagan, Musician
Highly effective collaboration, creative problem-solving and exceeding client expectations are what we have learned to count on from Jonelle Jones. She is a trusted and valued member of our extended team.
— Tammy Broaddus, Principal, Overflow Story Lab
Jonelle has an uncanny ability to take a lot of data, facts, strategies, and opinions, and condense them into a simple yet powerful visualization that perfectly conveys the desired message. Her work is not only exceptional visually, but also contains a depth of content that creates persuasive results. She has helped truly set us apart in our industry.
— Brad Alden, Dir. of Strategic Initiatives, eShipping & Engaged Companies
I am so grateful that we were able to get connected with Jonelle as she is not only truly gifted with her creative talent, but is also extremely efficient and a delight to communicate with. I’ve had the pleasure of working directly with Jonelle on several different projects including a brand redesign, new campaign logo, and event materials. Jonelle has been able to anticipate needs and focus our vision to ensure that deadlines are met and the finished product exceeds expectations.
— Danielle Sather, Development Specialist, MCPL
From the first meeting to the final product, I was extremely pleased with Jonelle’s work. I had a vague idea of what I wanted for my branding, but how she translated that into a final lettered piece was incredible.
— Amy Marcus, Grassroots Café
Great to work with from beginning to end! Jonelle took the time to understand us and our business, so the end product would be fitting for our concept going forward. She was easy to work with, efficient and insightful. We are very pleased with the final product.
— Haley Day, Owner, Great Day Chiropractic