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Hello. My name is Jonelle. 
I’m a graphic designer, lettering artist and creative strategist based out of Kansas City. It's so nice to meet you.

What I Do

I help uncover your brand story and develop design strategies that bring it to life.

Your brand is so much more than a logo. It's an essence, a personality, a voice, a promise, an experience. It sets the tone for every customer interaction and it becomes the bridge that connects your vision to your crowd of raving fans.

I focus on developing creative systems that provide depth and strength while being easy to implement. From complete identity suites to program styling and interior spaces. I'll help make connecting to your audience and reaching your goals easier (and fun).


More About Me

I’ve been in love with visual design, art and making things as long as I can remember. Ask my mom... she wasn’t too excited to find me carving little works of art into her wooden furniture as a child. (Whoops! Sorry mom.) 

I began my creative career as a freelance photographer in 2001 then moved into marketing and graphic design in 2006. In the past 12+ years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with brands across the U.S. including some of Kansas City’s best like Hallmark, ReeceNichols, Engaged Companies and Overflow Story Lab. I regularly work with growing businesses, entrepreneurs, musicians, authors, restaurants and creative agencies.

I'm an unusual hybrid: creative-meets-analyst. I start every project by stepping back and looking at the big picture in order to understand both the immediate and meaningful long-term goals. Then I develop creative strategies to support both--helping my clients realize their creative vision and become equipped for future growth.

My approach is simple: be consistent, be meaningful, connect to your audience and mind the details. 

I am currently available for hire and would love to talk with you about your creative projects. You can drop me a line here.


Along with running a full-time design business, I co-founded and help run a small plant-based eatery in Kansas City called Kind Food.  


My Specialties

Brand Strategy
Graphic + Web Design
Custom Illustration + Typography
Environmental + Event Styling

I believe in good design, thoughtful execution and lasting connections. I work with honesty, integrity and kindness. I do my best because nothing is better than the warm fuzzies that come from seeing my clients succeed.


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