Connor Flanagan | Musician Branding and Album Design

I recently had the opportunity to work with Connor Flanagan, a Minnesota based hip hop artist, on recreating his personal brand and developing artwork for his upcoming hip hop debut album, Mountains.

Connor is super talented and has a really genuine, compassionate vision for his music. He was very open and flexible to my creative suggestions, and I love the results of our collaboration.

The final brand includes a mix of authentic brush script and a clean, modern block type. The goal was to create something versatile that combined the bold and modern with the urban and personal qualities of Connor's work.

Along with the dominant brush script branding, the branding system includes an alternate version in the custom sans serif block type. The graphical "A" is also used as an independent icon.


As I do with all my custom branding projects, I started first with rough sketches and a lot of brainstorming. You can see below the concepts in their infancy, along with a few ideas that didn't make the cut. 

As we progressed, I picked up my favorite brush pen and tried a variety of styles before we found the one that hit the mark. This same brush style was carried over into other elements of the brand, including a custom X pattern and some website graphics. All created by hand.

Here's a small sampling of the custom website graphics created using the new branding elements and custom typography.

I really enjoyed hand crafting this brand for Connor and can't wait to see how it grows and develops over time. Here's a snapshot of the complete project which includes the brand color palette, album artwork, icons, and product.

If you're interested in collaborating on your branding project, drop me a line.

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