New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I love how the beginning of a new year feels like taking a deep breath full of fresh, clean air.

I personally use it as a chance to reflect on where I've been and where I want to go, and I set goals (for myself and my business). 

This year, I wanted to do something to help inspire others as they reach for new things.

So, I'm lettering your New Year's Resolutions this January.

I'm keeping track of requests on Instagram and Facebook and lettering them in random order. AND I'm sending a free smartphone wallpaper version to the goal-setter to keep the inspiration front of mind.

I'll be posting them here as well throughout the month of January. If you'd like to submit a resolution, head over to my Instagram for more details.

"Find the joy in the little things" submitted by @mindfulmediakc

"Find the joy in the little things" submitted by @mindfulmediakc

"cover all the bases" submitted by @taranelson

"cover all the bases" submitted by @taranelson

Connor Flanagan | Musician Branding and Album Design

I recently had the opportunity to work with Connor Flanagan, a Minnesota based hip hop artist, on recreating his personal brand and developing artwork for his upcoming hip hop debut album, Mountains.

Connor is super talented and has a really genuine, compassionate vision for his music. He was very open and flexible to my creative suggestions, and I love the results of our collaboration.

The final brand includes a mix of authentic brush script and a clean, modern block type. The goal was to create something versatile that combined the bold and modern with the urban and personal qualities of Connor's work.

Along with the dominant brush script branding, the branding system includes an alternate version in the custom sans serif block type. The graphical "A" is also used as an independent icon.


As I do with all my custom branding projects, I started first with rough sketches and a lot of brainstorming. You can see below the concepts in their infancy, along with a few ideas that didn't make the cut. 

As we progressed, I picked up my favorite brush pen and tried a variety of styles before we found the one that hit the mark. This same brush style was carried over into other elements of the brand, including a custom X pattern and some website graphics. All created by hand.

Here's a small sampling of the custom website graphics created using the new branding elements and custom typography.

I really enjoyed hand crafting this brand for Connor and can't wait to see how it grows and develops over time. Here's a snapshot of the complete project which includes the brand color palette, album artwork, icons, and product.

If you're interested in collaborating on your branding project, drop me a line.

Illustration + Lettering + Popsicles

I was so excited when the ladies at The Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair asked me to create the poster for their 6th Annual Summer Swing happening on July 23rd in Kansas City.

Here's a glimpse into my process for creating this adorable poster and graphics...

Sometimes my process is a very straight line from start to finish (typically, when I have a very clear vision for the end product). In those times, I'll often sketch pieces separately and then create a final full sketch, ink it, and digitize. 

Other times my process is a lot more fluid (typically, when I have more creative freedom with a project and know what feeling I want to evoke, but perhaps don't have the final visual in mind yet). These are times when I almost over-produce in order to get my creative ideas fully flushed out onto paper and then work them together into a final piece.

With the Swing poster, my creative process was definitely more fluid. The Strawberry Swing ladies gave me the theme "popsicles", so that's where I started. I drew and drew a million different popsicles, then even took those all fully into the digital stage before I started to develop my full vision for the poster. (And can I just say, illustrating popsicles is so much fun!)

From there I began sketching my concept and playing with different arrangements and type styles along the way. I settled on the core design that I loved, then developed a variety of accent pieces to experiment with in the digital stage.

Once everything was digitized, I played around with color palette and textures to create a piece that is vintage poster meets vintage popsicle wrapper. I immediately fell in love with the final piece. Here's what the Strawberry Swing had to say about it:

Jonelle Jones is Ah-mazing! We said 'popsicle' and she ran with it! We it so much!

I also created complementary social media graphics for Facebook & Instagram, a Maker Badge for vendors, and (the most fun part of all!) a custom repeating popsicle pattern!

I'll hope you'll join us at this year's Summer Swing on July 23rd from 10am to 5pm at the Alexander Major's Historic Barn and Grounds in Kansas City. 

signature for web

My Custom Lettered Business Card Set

When I first sat down to concept ideas for my new business cards, I wasn't entirely sure where I'd take it, but I knew I wanted to do something custom and fun.

I wanted to create a variety of unique designs to pull together into a mini collection of artwork. I took into consideration the end uses along with the various audiences that would receive cards and gave myself a few simple guidelines:

  • Design new work
  • Include some snark
  • Be genuine

Following my typical process, I did some word brainstorming, then a little rough sketching before narrowing in on the designs. I stuck mostly to hand drawn lettering, but wanted to include a couple of quotes that applied to my work and include some surface patterns (in the end I only used one pattern in this round, but more to come next time).

I was quite happy with the results, so much so that a few of the designs have made their way onto product in my shop. Below are some photos of the work.

If you'd like to talk about how I can help you with a project like this, drop me a line.

lettered, by Jonelle Jones

I recently developed some new branding for my line of custom hand lettered product. Let me introduce you to lettered

Over the next several weeks, I'll be spending a fair amount of time fully developing this collection. It will include fine art prints, stationary, home decor, printables, and apparel. Here's a sampling of what you can currently find in the shop.

I am excited to build out this branch of my business along with the design, marketing, and custom lettering services I currently provide. If you're interested in talking about a custom piece or collaboration, drop me a line!

Fun with Nerds

I am currently on a sugar high. Induced by eating the leftover materials from this morning's project with my intern, Emma. Nerds!!!!!!!!!!!! (See, sugar high.)

I've been mentoring Emma, a high school student, since January. We've worked through basic drawing and design principles and methods, and started hand lettering a couple of weeks ago. And today, we lettered with food! Nerds, to be exact! 

I've been very impressed with Emma's innate creative skills and watched her latch onto several little pieces of advice and improve her work over the semester. I was blown away today by her skill in translating lettering concepts into a final piece with a very unusual medium. Here are some process shots and the final work of art. Great job, Emma!